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The Letter From Ireland

Thanks for this wonderful podcast which educates me on the history of Ireland, and the terrific music. I have been to Ireland once and do hope to go back, but I fear I may need a year to visit many of the places you both have highlighted on your podcast. Thanks again Mike Sinnott, great grandson of Michael Sinnott and Johanna Power, New Market, Kilkenny.

Thank you Mike & Carina☕️🍰

This is the BEST podcast and I am thrilled to be here while I sit with a cup of tea. Your sacrifice of time to make your work available to all, is evident. I appreciate you both sharing your passion of Irish heritage on paper as well as electronically. It is truly inspiring, and defines my thoughts as I enjoy each topic. ~Felicity

Love these

I learn so much from listening to you! And more connections to what I have heard from family gone by over the years!

I Love these podcasts

I've been a long time fan of the website, but I really like hearing it spoken even better. The information is great as always, but hearing the Irish accent makes you feel like you are actually there. Even though many of the stories are not about my specific ancestors, I feel like it brings them to life for me. I can understand what their lives could have been like and it connects me with all the people and the Irish culture. Thank you so much for helping me discover so much of my Irish heritage.